WoW Jams ’14 – A Guild|Group|Class Mixtape

Hey, everybody!

I know I’m not the only person who is going to miss this class, so I compiled a playlist of songs that we listened to individually while playing World of Warcraft. I figure that now we can listen to them all together. I used “Everyone’s Mixtape” to make it, so the best part of this is that if I couldn’t find you online to get a song from you, you can search for a song with the feature on the site and add it to the playlist. You can also drag and drop the songs to change the order. For people who listened to the game sounds and not music, I included clips of WoW ambient music and sounds.

The following people (listed as their WoW monikers) contributed a song to the playlist, and are mentioned in no particular order:

Lampyridine, Strikeface, Commie, Maxgravity, Kirema, Theterribles, Sovietrussia, Narrandtech, Amonkira, Shogunsteph, Tomhaverford, Imann, Caulkmaster, Rydar, Niibog, Stillonton, and Jkagg.

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A Farewell to N&T

Over the course of the semester, I’ve learned in this class more than any other, or at least, more than I expected. When I first selected this class, it was late on the Thursday before the add/drop date, as I needed credit. I wasn’t sure what I could possibly have expected, but this class has allowed me to explore the depths of both narrative and technology and their correlation, more than I have ever learned anywhere.

Looking back, watching Gamer, reading The Circle, playing World of Warcraft and the three other games, it was certainly the strangest class I’ve ever taken, but it was learning through experiencing that made the class worth taking. In my own field, narrative is nonexistent, and the role of technology is treated as a given. This class has helped remind me how and why we use technology, and how technology can be used to tell enriching narratives.

I’m unsubscribed from WoW, I’ve put down The Circle and Gamer, and I’ve pretty much had to concentrate on my other requirements, so I can’t follow this through classes anymore. But I have certainly appreciated this class. It is a rare one that taught me a lot, and that will stick with me.

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The Raphael Parable

Just sharing this here for anyone interested, The Stanley Parable devs got this particularly frustrating piece of hate mail, and decided to make a video about it, narrated by the same narrator we’ve all come to love. Enjoy!

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Reddit Chimes in on Gone Home

I found this awesome thread on reddit from a year ago that basically discusses our in class comments throughout the whole thing. Ranging from whether or not it is a “game”  to their opinions on the narrator it all is pretty cool!

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NSA is listening

More recent news about the NSA wire tapping has been surfaced. In this article, which is attached below the website, they talk about how the NSA has found yet another way into entering our cell phone provider systems and outlines very briefly a program named AURORAGOLD. It is said that workers have created problems for users which allows the NSA to covertly tap whatever they have created a problem for. Crazy stuff.


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Psychology behind the texts, likes, follows and comments

So while I was studying for my Drugs an Behavior final, I was searching the internet for facts about dopamine to help me understand the science behind it.. not my forte as an English major.  However, I stumbled across this, which I think I’ve read before when these types of studies were coming out.

The article, from Psychology Today, discusses why people are so wired to their phones, computers and technology all the time. As a 21 year old, I find myself constantly trying to defend myself to older people who automatically judge me for having a smart phone or saying I have a Twitter.  They incorrectly assume that means I can’t pay attention or hold a real conversation.

This article is interesting because it shows the actual brain functioning levels that create that “yay” feeling when you get feedback on social media or a text from a friend. It couldn’t help but to remind me of The Circle so I’d thought I’d pass it along.

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Great Ideas to Think On

For anyone getting to the point where they are starting to hit a wall while writing their paper (like me), I suggest looking into this writer’s WordPress.

The site is a little hard to navigate but includes thought-provoking posts on The Stanley Parable, Dear Esther, and a few comments on Gone Home.  (Maybe they took this class too?)

Here are two posts on Dear Esther that I particularly liked, with many follow up ones to religion and death.

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