Article on the Cyborg Manifesto

After reading Haraway’s Cyborg Manifesto, I found myself doing some additional research on it to try and place it in time. One of the more interesting articles I found on the subject can be found here. Particularly interesting to me was Maria Fernandez’s #5, which shows that instead of Haraway’s optimistic view of gender deconstruction through cyborg technology, we merely have another case of duality in that the act becomes almost an economic badge due to it’s costliness.

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One Response to Article on the Cyborg Manifesto

  1. David, thanks so much for the link to the article. Hopefully this helps clarify some of the issues of Haraway’s piece, and, if nothing else, it is evidence of the importance of this essay and how it has continued to resonate well past its initial publication date (1985). That said, I find Suhail Malik’s criticisms of Haraway to be vague and abstract (and a bit steeped in jargon). I wish, rather than a pro/con for Haraway’s piece (a non-cyborgian binary, btw), Mute had decided to let someone write as objective/distanced reflection on “A Manifesto for Cyborg”‘s legacy as possible. Perhaps such a thing exists?


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