Friendly Reminder

If anybody’s left in a state of confusion, crisis, or peripeteia regarding the readings from last week, I’m reminding you that this blog is an excellent source to raise questions or indulge in inquiries class wasn’t able to cover.

Both Dr. Fest and I are here as resources, but the best part of the blog is that everyone else can help you if you have a question, too.

As a side note, I might only be the T/A for the 11AM section but since everybody’s posts are visible, I’ll be commenting on everything–nice to “meet” you all!

For now, I’m going to link to this article in the New York Times. One of my writing professors passed it along to me, and I think it provides another way into thinking about what Brad mentioned in his last post about the end of the gamer. Rather, it adds value and weight to the term by visiting a pro-gaming tournament, which draws crowds of 11,000 people, and monetizes what it means to be a “gamer:” the winner’s pot for the Dota 2 tournament in July was $11 million.

Additionally, with League of Legends now broadcasting on ESPN, how can we possibly say that “gamers” are losing steam? Via Twitch, League has better viewership than the Stanley Cup Finals. Even I find that blasphemous.

Feel free to engage, and like I said, I’m here to answer questions or help you with whatever you’re thinking about. Thanks, everyone. I’m looking forward to this semester.



About Steph Roman

2015 University of Pittsburgh grad with majors in nonfiction writing and English literature. Formerly of the Pitt News and PublicSource. I like games and nerd culture in general.
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One Response to Friendly Reminder

  1. estraussman says:

    In the New York Times in mid-august, there was a front page above the fold article about the 12.5 Million Dollar gaming industry in South Korea. I’m not gonna lie, I can’t wait to hear radio announcers give a play-by-play of a WOW or LOL or Starcraft game. How great would it be if Harry Kerry was still alive to scream “HE CAPUTURED THE BASE FOLKS!”


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