And None Of What You See

     What can you see when you can’t open your eyes? You see what your brain imagines your eyelid to look like. So what can you see if you can’t control your brain? You see anything the controller wants you to see. Your controller can change the way your brain reads light. You see monsters in flowers and angels in shit.

     So why do we believe Kable’s story? In Gamer, a world where minds are the play things of those who can afford a controller, why do we bother to believe we are seeing the whole story? Heidegger’s notion of  bringing-forth, truth in layman’s terms, can only only be achieved if all elements of the object of concealment is put into place.

     One must wonder, then, if the ending Kable receives in Gamer is the true ending. You believe that at the end of the film Kable is fine, the Nannite removed, and his family is reunited. The true narrative is unseen and only imagined. Heidegger would postulate that simply because technology was used as the force of unconcealment, it further conceals a deeper truth. Technology, the method of removing Nannite in this case, leads to the truth that one is in control of their own body. But Heidegger would further acknowledge because technology is used it reveals another realm where one must again use technology to achieve the next layer of unconcealment. And so, as technology has to be used again to further unconceal, the process repeats ad infinitum.

     You must wonder why the population cheers for Kable during his televised murder. Is this truly the reaction of a just people desensitized by technology, or an imagined beauty Kable’s controller feels Kable deserves? As the movie ends and the truth is seemingly revealed to world; there is this notion that this is all as a controller may imagine it. This is shown through the memory or reality of Kable’s final moments in the car. This could be Kable’s illusion, or this could be the want of Castle achieved; a world so totally under his control that he could “die” and still retain the powers of a god.

      The truth is only in regards of bringing something from concealment into unconcealment. Unconcealment is layered through the affirmation that something is concealed. But in Kable’s case, the unconcealment of Castle’s plan may be further concealment of something else.

     Where does this lead us? Is Gamer assuming we are en-route to a technological world where technology is simultaneously used for truth and concealment so subtly one may not even notice? Perhaps, but much more likely we will find ourselves with the attitude held by The Controller (the man who tells Kable it was a “good game” in the final scene). We will know the awful plan revealed and caused by technology, understand it, and not care. In the past five years there have been three cases in America alone where technology was used to reveal what was already concealed by technology. The most recent, of course, being the leaks by Edward Snowden, with Jullian Assange and Chelsea Manning fading further into the background each day. Though we start off rallied against misuse of technology, it slowly fades from our daily thoughts. In Gamer, the only difference from The Controller and the audience of Kable’s justice, is that The Controller is ahead of the curve. Our current trend could lead to a future even Heidegger couldn’t imagine. A world where the ultimate technology is achieved to reveal the essence of humanity, and no one would even care.

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4 Responses to And None Of What You See

  1. amd197 says:

    You bring up a very interesting point about the entire movie in general when you speak of “the controller” possibly having the ability to introduce these thoughts and visions into Kable’s mind as a part of the game. What if the defeat of Ken Castle and his control over the human race was simply another level in the game? What if Kable never truly had a family and they were just given to him as part of the game? That would explain why Kable doesn’t have too many visions or memories of them. Overall, your post has made me rethink the way that I interpreted the movie as I watched it and it has absolutely opened up another level of the film that makes it even more interesting.


    • theterribles says:

      Indeed, I really enjoyed this post because of that interpretation. I completely agree. Though there was really no indication to prove that that was the case, given the nature of the control exhibited in Gamer it is in the realm of possibilities. I wonder though – Kable seemed aware of his surrounding while in the game and even makes a verbal suggestion to his player at one point (before they install the mod that allows two-way communication), but it seems that Angie isn’t aware at all during her time in “Society.” That makes me question what the norm is; is Kable the exception in that he is (seemingly) aware during the games? Or are they making it seem like he is aware so that the humanz can get involved and the plot progresses as it does. I enjoy the notion of an “inception” situation.


  2. vespoli57 says:

    You make a valid point that there are probably ways in which the smarter people in a society like Gamer cheat the system. It could definitely be an interesting concept that the message being sent in the movie was completely different from what it seems to be on the surface. If Gerard Butler’s character con’d his way out of the world envisioned by Castle, that would make everything he had done in the movie purely for the sake of getting away with his first murder. People lie all the time so it would be interesting to see if incentives were brought to light that were different than those being portrayed.


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