Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor’s film Gamer, is different from other movies. Be honestly, I don’t quite enjoy this film, it is filled with sex, crime and violence. However, there is an impressive moment from this film. When human organization recovers Kable’s memory of the “Slayers ”, the death of his friend Scotch pass through his mind, he was controlled by Castle, the creator of the “society” and “slayers”, and killed Scotch. We could see despair and helpless in his eyes. Since this is obviously not something he can control.

Gamer shows us a society addicted to Internet and other technology. With advance in technology, the roles play games “society” and “slayers” emerged, because of its virtual nature and realistic nature, people finally addicted to it. The “society” was regard as real world by those players involved in the game. So that Castle has the opportunity to control all the players in “society”. Does this would happen to us in the near future? What should we do to avoid this tragedy?

In Heidegger’s essay, The Question Concerning Technology, Modern technology, as a revealing that order, is thus no mere human doing. Modern technology challenges everything, and forms the essence of enframing, brings the danger to human. The uncontrollable driving force which is a kind of disclosure and herausfordern. While technology advances, Heidegger concerned about the negative effect of technology that we could understand in Gamer. Castle expected to dominate the world by technology and he nearly succeeded. People were isolated and dehumanized in society because of the Over-utilization of technology.

As Donna Haraway argued in her essay, A Manifesto for cyborgs, “A cyborg is a cybernetic organism, a hybrid of machine and organism, a creature of social reality as well as a creature of fiction”. Gamer shows us a society addicted to technology. Both those people in “Society” and “Slayers” are cyborgs, even the creator, Castle. People were controlled by the Nanex system which built by Castle. The “society” is not a society. It is a platform for people to trade. Players paid to control others, and actors got paid and to be controlled. In this “society”, people can do everything they cannot achieve in the real world. “Society” reveals the dark side of human nature.


In Gamer, the poor and the criminals have surrendered control of their bodies to the willing of the gamers. In the Slayers, controller seeks the thrill of the hunt and the joy of the kill. Does this satisfaction of killing from nature or nurture? As I mentioned before, there is a dark side of human nature, and it will come to light in particular circumstances. There are some shots which people around the world cheering for Kable’s victory after Kable killed all the slayers in the battle. Audiences are really exciting about the killing. What shocks me in this film is the dehumanization and conformity of people. Conformity always leads to an extinction of individual creativity. Dehumanization makes it all too easy to justify violence, criminal.


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One Response to Gamer

  1. Steph Roman says:

    I think you should push more on the last graf you have here–if it’s only the poor and the imprisoned who are being exploited and controlled, what kinds of meaning can we draw from this? How does cyborgism affect these groups in particular? Is it any different from what Harraway says about women and “people of color” in “The Cyborg Manifesto”?


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