Welcome to the Internet – brain bleach sold separately

A walking slut cliché saunters across a lawn in the manner that a five legged crab side-shambles rather erringly towards a small patch of greenish detritus. The slimy target that just came out of a cesspool however, is not a bit of seaweed, but the puppet of someone that would make you gag even worse if you bit some off. They are both dressed like several different generations tried to dress them akin to their parents all in succession. The slut-prey wears a pig nose, if this smorgasbord of all the horrors that humanity has to offer was not yet clear enough to you.

They begin a conversation. Ears bleed. They speak as if they are aphasia patients reading scripts copied from a cliffnotes dialogue summary of backdoor sluts 9(far away, the hands of deceased authors the world over tear from their graves). The horrid, inhumane spectacle of the solicitation that ensues would make an eldritch abomination emit a warbling howl of envy.

Donna Haraway’s eyes melt from their sockets as her hair catches fire, the skin of her face sloughing away to reveal an open-mouthed, grinning skull.

This sickening avalanche of grade X squick from Gamer is a really good scene for talking about Harraway’s A Manifesto for Cyborgs. She makes great pains to point out contradictions in previous feminist movements, in the concept of blasphemy, and even going so far as to preempt in the first paragraph the upcoming contradictions and undermining of her own essay. Pages are filled with the logical impossibilities inherent in Marxism, Freudian psychology, mother earth feminism, post modernism, and the very concept of society itself.

But that’s all just a massive slew of nonsense. In her own words, “this is its illegitimate promise that might lead to subversion of its teleology as star wars.” One might even go so far as to say that this introductory tower of self indulgence is – phallic. But what, when she finally gets to it, is her actual point? That the conversion of human to cyborg will usher in a new wave of something so uniquely beyond feminism that I couldn’t even name it? Two human meatpuppets and a pair of sweaty perverts in dark rooms are a pretty good example of how incredibly optimistic a view that really is.

Technology – in any amount – is not a force for good, for evil, for equality, or tyranny. Technology is an Acne brand rocket strapped to this ramshackle thing we sometimes like to call human civilization. It does not include a steering mechanism. Maps are not provided. You do not have control, but neither does it control us. Wherever you are going – you get there faster. That’s it. That is why a fat naked dude sitting in a dark room stuffing his face with some kind of pastry while having his human puppet grope another meat marionette’s groin is a very accurate description of how replicant nanite technology could be used.

Technology can’t create new human hierarchies or upset the cultural norms. The coercive voyeurism and disgusting vicariousness in that same vein occur in reality every day. The Nanex technology did nothing but amplify what already exists. No technological breakthrough will ever give feminism an edge, or somehow advance equality. Harraway might have pointed to the current progress made in many countries that have traditionally denied women basic human rights, and claimed that technology ushered in these changes. But twitter, facebook, omnipresent media attention, and unavoidable social connectivity had nothing to do with causing it. Every one just put fuel on the fire. Fighters for civil rights are indeed making gains faster with these technologies – but only because they were winning anyway.

Technology is the force multiplier. It does not provide disproportionate benefits unless it is held in disproportionate quantity. Even the scene in Gamer – the technology itself has no bias. For all the audience know, Rick Rape is being controlled by a woman. While such a thing would explain the comical inability to acquire a hold upon certain genitals, It wouldn’t change a thing. Society isn’t about use of technology in misogyny, but about use of technology in unbridled excess.

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One Response to Welcome to the Internet – brain bleach sold separately

  1. Steph Roman says:

    “One might even go so far as to say that this tower of self indulgence is – phallic.”

    I start with this because I feel like this should be the thesis you follow–right after this line, your post dissolves into what seems like a tirade against the perversion of the people using technology. This might have merit somewhere, but I think it’d be more useful and interesting to proceed in characterizing technology as phallic and how the movie shows us that, or else focusing the perversion on technology itself. Is it possible that technology is inherently perverted? Or, as you seem to think, is the perversion caused solely by the people who use it? I’d be interested in hearing more.


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