Cyborg ?

To be completely honest, I did not like this film because of all the violence and sexuality that was going on. Sexuality was a very big problem in the movie, the part that caught my eye was when this really disturbing fat person controlling Nika was choosing her outfit for  “Society“, and he couldn’t make up his mind to make her stand out as much as she could,  finally chooses this outfit that as a male you would definitely notice her walking by because it really showed her figure. When she entered the game she had a very confident walk and really stood out, but at the same time you could see expressions in her face that showed she was really uncomfortable. Nika couldn’t do anything cause she was being controlled like a cyborg and had no choice in her decisions and that really brought me back to Donna Haraway’s “A manifesto for cyborgs” because she talks about a cyborg being “a cybernetic organism, a hybrid of machine and organism, a creature of social reality as well as a creature of fiction.” Nika in this case is a creature that is being controlled by a human, that in our world would probably be very antisocial because of his appearance and thanks to “Society” he is able to walk through a very technological-futuristic world that is outside our social norms as if he was a very sexy female. He is allowed to say whatever and do whatever he wants with Nika. This very sexually active guy notices her and Nika knows that the human controlling her is going to want to try and have sex with this guy, and so she baits him into an elevator where he humps her leg in a very disturbing way, she shows expressions during the scene in which you know she doesn’t want this to happen but doesn’t have a choice and then the scene cuts back to the fat guy on the scooter and you can tell he is turned on because he starts rubbing his sweaty belly.

I don’t agree with Shaviro’s essay in which he mentions that Gamer is a look into our present society because the way this guy was acting when he was pretty much raping Nika is not acceptable in todays society. Women in “Society” were really exploited in a bad way because they were showing their boobs, which I didn’t mind at all, but it is not acceptable in today’s society. They also showed a lot of women making out with each other and that is something that is really big in today’s world, the word “lesbian” is a normal thing now because our world has changed and in a big way. Technology in this film is portrayed as the ultimate power, and if you have the power to control everyone’s brain that can turn out a real bad thing. The way this film is set up shows that in the beginning of the movie technology is a necessity to live a very happy lifestyle but at the end shows us that to much power can be really dangerous. This film reveals that the twenty-first century is a time that technology is really growing and things are going to change for the bad. Games are getting even more violent then they were and they engage the players in ways that you cant even imagine. Shaviro’s essay really opened my eyes because it showed me a different way to look at the movie a second time around. it made me realize that we do have a lot of things in common with Gamer when it comes to violence and sexuality, and video games. We are always on our phones and gaming systems that we forget to go outside and look at nature the way god intended us to look at it, movies need to be made with more explosives and violence because it is the way our generation grew up and video games need to be more interactive. Technology is a very powerful topic and if we don’t pay attention to what really matter it can take control of us and we can turn into cyborgs in the blink of an eye.

Are we turning into Cyborgs? I believe that if we don’t do something about the rapid increase in technology we can lose control and a higher power can take control of us

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2 Responses to Cyborg ?

  1. pedropalmen says:

    I think you’re getting at some good points here, but you’re making a few generalizations about the film. “Technology is a very powerful topic and if we don’t pay attention to what really matter it can take control of us and we can turn into cyborgs in the blink of an eye.” I don’t know that the movie is really trying to say that technology will take control of us. I also think that if you look deeper into Haraway’s “A Manifesto for Cyborgs” you will understand that we already are cyborgs. That we are never without technology. Even if you look back to any time in history, we have always made tools and had them as an extension of our arms and our minds. We use them in a way that changes the capability of our body on its own in a very drastic way. In my opinion, we have always been cyborgs. We have always schemed our way into making things easier for ourselves by simply inventing something.


  2. jmc211 says:

    I can definitely see why the violence and sexuality in “Gamer” would be too much for some. I did not personally have problems with the film, but they could have toned it down. The scene with Nika you referred to brings up the very sensitive topic of rape. You could argue that the members of the Society game know what they’re getting into, and are being paid well in compensation. The scene does imply that Nika and the man had similar encounters in the past. However, in a world so largely based on money, some may not have a choice.

    I don’t think that Shaviro meant to say that “Gamer” was a direct reflection of our current world. “Gamer” incorporates video games and displays them as a major part of society, something that most films have stayed away from. Things like this make the film a better look into our society than many other films, but this isn’t to say that we find all of the content in “Gamer” acceptable in today’s world.


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