And None of What You See, Revised

    In Gamer, a world where minds are the play things of those who can afford a controller, why bother believing the notion that the veiwer is seeing the whole truth through Kable’s eyes? The film precipitates that a controller’s power is absolute. What evidence is there that the story is no more than an illusion authored by The Controller to ensure Kable’s obedience. The film mainly shows Kable’s perspective which could be altered at the whim of The Controller. Gamer, like most movies, is about uncovering the concealed. Its goal is to showcase, bring-forth, the concealed notions of the world he lives in. Heidegger’s notion of  bringing-forth, truth in layman’s terms, can only only be achieved if all elements of the object of concealment is put into place. Considering this prospect, the truth in Kable’s eye may be yet another concealment.

    The viewer is led to believe that at the end of the film Kable is fine, the Nannite removed, and his family is reunited. The true narrative is unseen and only imagined. Heidegger would postulate that simply because technology was used as the force of unconcealment, it further conceals a deeper truth. Technology, the method of removing Nannite in this case, leads to the truth that one is in control of their own body. But Heidegger would further acknowledge because technology is used it reveals another realm where one must again use technology to achieve the next layer of unconcealment. And so, as technology has to be used again to further unconceal, the process repeats ad infinitum.

   The entire final scene has a notion of fantastical resolution. It is the ideal completion of Kable’s illusion. He kills the embodiment of evil in life, reunites with his source of happiness, and is vindicated by the populous. The film darts past any sense of exposition allowing Kable to achieve his goals in a matter of a few minutes. In a film that projects throws of outlandish scenarios to even more outlandish reactions, the loosely contrived ending helps encourage the idea that not all is being unconcealed.

    The final minute of the movie reenforces the backdrop of deception. The controller, having removed the Nannite and setting Kable and his family “free” says “good game”. The screen jumps to an image seen at the beginning of the film with Kable in the car with his wife and daughter. This hurried cut is showcasing the cyclical nature of The Controllers impact on Kable’s life. The movie ends with Kable re-experiencing the joy, the memory of which becomes the root of his anguish in the start of the movie. This rapid cut shows the lack of cohesive understanding of the situation he finds himself in. One moment he believes he won the game, the next he is re-experiencing everything leading up to “enrolling” in the game.

     The truth is only in regards of bringing something from concealment into unconcealment. Unconcealment is layered through the affirmation that something is concealed. But in Kable’s case, the unconcealment of Castle’s plan may be further concealment of something else.

     Gamer is assuming we are en-route to a technological world where technology is simultaneously used for truth and concealment so subtly one may not even notice. The theories Heidegger surmised are reaching an apex. The modern world operates, and thrives, on the notion that information is fluid. Technology, everything from TOR networks to CAPTCHA passes, relies on concealing the truth to reveal another truth.

      TOR networks, infamous for encouraging dark net trading and information encryption, hide your IP address by showing an onlooker falsified internet rally points. Just to access information through TOR networks you generally need additional decryption software. The fact that this has been brought into mainstream use proves Heidegger’s ideas on concealment have vast sociological implications. To access most information, truths, on the internet requires further technology to decrypt or download in order to access the information of your choosing. Each barrier put in place to ensure our safety online creates more opportunities for someone to alter the information between each layer added. There will be a time when all the information used to describe and catalogue people will become the mans’ primary source of self. The access of self through technology will dictate who the self is. The way humanity will define itself is will be forever concealed in the cycle of technology. With each passing year, the layers of concealment add up; such as to create a world more subtle, but essentially the same, as Gamer.

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