Foucault: Points to Ponder

When we were discussing Michel Foucault’s Panopticism, I could not help but to see resemblances in his ideas in another work by him that I read last semester. A Brief history of Sexuality by Foucault also discusses the need for self-report to discuss norms with others and exchange ideas, and by self-report we can identify deviations and learn more about them. Foucault’s biggest ideas are on the representations of power and how it coincides with how a group obtains knowledge. The self-report factor with Foucault in A Brief History deals with the fact that the very reason that we are repressed in sexuality as a culture is the very reason that people talk about it so much, and that things that are not considered appropriate through discussion are discussed on smaller levels of self-report through friends.

The idea here is that even when we know that something maybe wrong, either morally, socially, or culturally, we need to discuss the implications and know if their experiences rival ours or if there is knowledge that we are lacking. This idea is so prevalent that I just felt the need to state that Foucault’s pan-optic lens not only addresses the larger scale but also reports of smaller scales, and I think that concept is very interesting.

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