New video game takes over friends lives

I felt the need to share that my roommates are obsessed with the new video game Destiny. The literally play it for hours on end and think it is the most exciting thing, but it reminds me a lot of Slayers and how we were talking about in class that if the movie Gamer were to be shot like a video game it would be extremely boring. The active-ness of the person playing the game definitely adds to the element of getting lost in the game and this new game is a shining example of it.

If anyone wanted a review of Destiny, I’m sure three of my four roommates would tell you to buy it.

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4 Responses to New video game takes over friends lives

  1. elexiusmusick says:

    We need a thread that is just gaming recommendations. I’m… I’m going to do this at some point. After I get over my virtual shyness. Which may not ever happen.

    I did that Humble Bundle deal we talked about in class and got paid the extra two bucks for Prison Architect, so I’m kind of excited by that. And conflicted. But mostly excited.

    Oh, and game reviews. Game reviews would be cool.


    • kalihira says:

      Ooooh, a game recommendation and review thread would be awesome! That’s something I could get behind. However, I also have virtual shyness and have the eloquence of a garden gnome so it’s not something I could start myself.


  2. jmc211 says:

    I played Destiny in its beta and loved it. The game is beautiful, and being able to travel to the different planets in our solar system is a setting that really appeals to me.

    The story drew me in right away, and I can’t wait to continue it. The only thing keeping me right now is the price, video games drop from the initial $60 so quickly, and that I see the game taking up a lot of my time which I don’t know if I’m ready for.

    It also has a great multiplayer pvp for those interested in that. The game was made by both Bungie and Activision, which made arguably the best first-person shooter games out there (Halo and Call of Duty). Both of these were my favorite games growing up, and I can definitely see Destiny being comparable.

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  3. Steph Roman says:

    Oh, well hey. Thanks for bringing this up–Destiny is already setting records for being the fastest selling new game IP in the world. This record was last set by Watch Dogs. Supposedly it is really good and fun.

    I, myself, just bought it today. And I am contracted to review it for the Pitt News (eventually). My schedule is absolutely swamped so I don’t anticipate playing it till tomorrow afternoon, but yeah, I’m getting there.

    I’m super happy that you point out this out in connection to “Gamer.” Unless you’re really into the story or the fun of gameplay, watching a game is hard work and often dull. The camera angles wouldn’t work well. As Shaviro points out, first-person shots in film are often disorienting, but in games they are the standard to induce connection. This is a vital distinction, one that I hadn’t thought of before, but absolutely crucial to the construction of “Gamer.”


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