Film Suggestion: We Live in Public

If we ever decide to host a Narrative and Technology movie night, I think the film “We Live in Public” would be an excellent choice.  I watched this years ago on Netflix and only remembered its existence today during our discussion on transparency in class.  Basically it’s the story of Josh Harris, an early internet entepreneur who, among other things, created the first online television network,  The primary focus of the movie, though, is a massive social experiment he conducted in New York City called “Quiet: We Live in Public”, in which he gathered over 100 artists into a converted warehouse in New York to live together in an environment filled with webcams and televisions that allowed everyone to watch eachother at any given moment.  Watch the trailer below and tell me that this DOESN’T fit the themes of our class perfectly.  Reading The Circle is making me really want to watch this again.  Sadly it was taken off of Instant, but I’m sure you can find it through other means…

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One Response to Film Suggestion: We Live in Public

  1. wuchimane, I had not seen this. It is, of course, perfect.


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