A Generic College Paper and More Soundtracks for Protocol (i.e., Digital Anthems for Control Societies)

So, I know in class I am constantly referring to “form.” I wonder what y’all think of the following w/r/t[1] form. It is excerpted from Jon Wu’s “A Generic College Paper,” published at McSweeney’s Internet Tendency.[2]

Since the beginning of time, bullshit, flowery overgeneralization with at least one thesaurus’d vocabulary word. In addition, irrelevant and misleading personal anecdote. However, oversimplification of first Googled author (citation: p. 37). Thesis statement which doesn’t follow whatsoever from the previous.

And as promised, entertainment (b/c it ain’t all the abyss, and it’s a Pittsburgh band):

[1] I use this abbreviation often in my written correspondence. It means “with regard to.”

[2] And of course Dave Eggers is the publisher of McSweeney’s.


About Bradley J. Fest

Bradley J. Fest is assistant professor of English at Hartwick College. He is the author of two books of poetry, The Rocking Chair (Blue Sketch, 2015) and The Shape of Things (Salò, 2017), and has published a number of essays on contemporary literature and culture. He blogs at The Hyperarchival Parallax.
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