Social media “prank” invades privacy

At one point today, we were talking about social media and surveillance, and someone brought up that people have a general awareness of the information they’ve made available and how it is used.

Do they really, though? I’ve included a video here–it’s not really funny, but whatever–that features someone using public social media to approach strangers and fake familiarity. The people here are confused, creeped out, and even confrontational. Some of them walk away or form defensive postures. Even if they know that their information is “in the cloud,” the actual use of it is obviously both highly invasive and deeply unexpected.

Also kinds of reminds me of cold reading, which I’ve always found creepy and distasteful.

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One Response to Social media “prank” invades privacy

  1. amd197 says:

    It’s fascinating how little people actually think about what they’re doing when they post every detail about their lives on social media, especially when their profile isn’t private at all. You are basically offering up yourself to be legally stalked by whoever wants to know about your life. In my opinion, this is just another clear reason why something like The Circle would not work. It seems like a nice idea having everything out in the open and public to all, but there are too many underlying issues with that idea that would eventually come back to haunt everyone in the end.


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