Anybody else?

I don’t know why I’m surprised, but I’ve already had multiple people say some pretty lewd things to my character on Warcraft. Is there any way to circumvent this other than to create a male character? Also, how come my character’s new armor only covers her chest? This is aggravating.

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3 Responses to Anybody else?

  1. Nobody has been inappropriate with me as of yet, but I’m certainly being coddled. You should start recording the inappropriate things people say to you. It might be a nice little social experiment for people in the class to do that, anyway–we could make some interesting conjectures about responses to playing a game as male or female.


  2. exelsisxax says:

    Male character or block general chat. Most of them are just bored trolls. The general internet motto of “our men are men, our women are men, and our children are FBI agents” is not lost on the majority of them.

    Also, the “distraction over deflection” principle applies heavily to world of warcraft. Functional armour is for muscleheaded male characters, while female characters have access primarily to chainmail bikinis of various patterns and colouration. If the armour your character wears does not have a cleavage window, it’s probably some low-tier junk that you’ll outlevel in a day.

    Brought to you by: The Foundation for Women as Attention-Grabbing Coverpieces in a Male Dominated Genre

    [url=]Chart of bizzare sexual dimorphism[/url]

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  3. amd197 says:

    Although I have not experienced any lewd comments yet, and probably never will since my character is male, I do not think there is any way to prevent this from happening besides blocking out the general chat. Just as The Circle displayed, the only way to prevent crude or obscene comments is to make everyone transparent, revealing all identities. Since WoW does not truly show anyone’s identity, there will always be those “trolls” out there that make constant rude comments, since it will never be traced back to them.


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