Ventrilo Server

Hey, everyone! So, I realized that this hadn’t been posted, so I’m putting it on here. If you’d like to chat while you play WoW (or just while you’re on in general, or playing other games), consider using Ventrilo! It’s a program that enables you to communicate via microphone. The information to download it is below. I’ll keep it on in the background. Feel free to post here if you have any trouble logging on or setting things up.
1. Go to and click “Downloads.”
2. Download a version compatible with your computer.
3. Install the program.
4. Make a username by hitting the -> icon next to the “User Name box.
5. Add a server. You can name it anything you want, but make the hostname/ip: Make the port 4585.  Click okay.
6. When you enter the chat, hit “Setup” and make sure the “push-to-talk” hotkey is selected. A few inches under it is a blank space–click that and then hit a key or button on your mouse and keyboard. Then hit okay. When you want to talk, just hold down that button/key. If you’re comfortable setting up voice activation, go for it.
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