Pikachu has influence on Blizzard

At BlizzCon 2011, Blizzard introduced a new aspect to World of Warcraft that would later be introduced in the Mists of Pandaria expansion pack. This minor addition pays tribute to one of Japan’s greatest multimedia franchises of all time; Pokémon. The pet battle system that is now implemented in WoW is very similar to your classic Pokémon battle. While it is not a required aspect of the game, WoW Wiki claims it to be pretty popular in that players win bragging rights over other players. Like Ash and his Pikachu, players can have their very own pet companions running alongside them at all times. For some players, the goal may have been to have a few pets that they really cherish or maybe it was to try and train as many pets as possible (Pokémon slogan: “Gotta catch ‘em all!”) but whatever the case may be, the Mists of Pandaria expansion put pets on the map for more players to enjoy. Pet abilities, progressions, and other customizations can be found in the Pet Journal, in relation to Pokémon, very similar to the Pokédex.

The pet battle system is a fun way for players to duel on a smaller scale. According to VentureBeat.com it is believed that Blizzard introduced this new battle system to try and bring in more revenue. So in April of 2010 Blizzard allowed players to buy a mount known as the Celestial Steed for $25. This benefited Blizzard greatly in that, according to escapistmagazine.com, about 80,000 people bought the celestial mount in the first day alone which profits Blizzard $50 Billion. This is important because it shows that very devoted and even many lightly devoted players (like myself) might take interest in spending money on this in game upgrade, so to speak, in order to maybe gain respect and meaning. Well, if Blizzard sold all armor and all the mounts and other in game buys, The game wouldn’t be fun and players would stop playing because the players that were willing to spend more money would just buy there way to the top and the game would be boring. There would be no progression. No game play. Of course Blizzard would profit greatly but the game itself would die out. It wouldn’t still be one of the most dominant MMORPG’s today if it had released all upgrades tohave an option of being bought with “real” money.   Which leads me to my next point in part of the reason why blizzard released the pet battle system. As mentioned earlier the Pet Battle system is optional but many players do take advantage of it. Well the blizzard allows, as of right now, the purchase of 10 pets on us.battle.net. As opposed to the purchasing of different armors, weapons, etc., pet purchasing has no real impact on in game play because it is an optional feature for players already. This is why Blizzard is so smart. They figured out another way to profit without ruining the integrity of the game or the devotion of its gamers.

I feel that the pet battle system spreads a specific light across the Warcraft world. It allows for a break from main gameplay that may get grueling or tiring and allows for some fun. Pokémon still is improving all the time and is very vastly known so it is interesting that Blizzard incorporated something so similar. Why wouldn’t they? Pokémon is so popular and many people enjoy it greatly. I feel that the incorporation of the pet battle system is very beneficial for both Blizzards pocket as well as gamer experience. This Pokémon look alike brings in revenue as well as a new fun aspect to an already fantastic game.

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2 Responses to Pikachu has influence on Blizzard

  1. exelsisxax says:

    I thought you made a math error – but then I checked your source and saw that the escapist made the error. 50$ billion at 25/per means that 2 billion purchases of that mount would have to be made. Since far fewer than 2 billion people have played WoW, that claim is rather outrageous.

    But I agree with your point on which content is purchasable. There’s always a conflict when games appear to be “pay-to-win”, and there are always accusations when ANYTHING that isn’t purely cosmetic go up for sale. Since everything in pet battles is for show blizz can make their millions without anyone throwing up a stink.


  2. Steph Roman says:

    Yes, but isn’t WoW “pay-to-win” anyway? People spend thousands of dollars to maintain their subscriptions. It’s in a technological gray area, and certainly doesn’t fit the standard model of PTW, but I think we could definitely read it that way. If there is such a thing as “winning” in WoW.


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