Quest System

As we know, World of Warcraft is one of the most popular games in the world. It is so divertive that many people were addicted. There are many complex mechanics, systems and procedures in this immense game. Here I will talk about the quest system, the basic way for us to gain experience, money, items and level up. The quest system is robust and engrossing. Killing with purpose is the philosophy behind the World of Warcraft quest system. Players have a wide variety of thing to do such as killing monster, collecting objectives and exploring the world. The quest system is most important part in the game since it motivates the players to spend more time on it.

The quest system is the way for us to get familiar with the World of Warcraft. At the beginning of the game, there is several simple quests design for us to warm up, you are managed to pick out your quest and out to kill monsters. While doing this quest, we gradually learn about the game’s various system and mechanics. As we complete the quest step by step, we are not only becoming more and more familiar with the quest system, but also the character and even the game itself.

The quest system is a fundamental tool to help a player become immersed in the game. The quest system guides us to finish all the quests in a given geographic locale before moving on to a high-level area with new quests. This really help us to play at the right way, the game keeps pace just fine as we go through each quest. The description of the quest makes us feel as if we are really in the game. The quest is not merely a task that we can get rewards and experience when complete. And in World of Warcraft, the rewards and experience showed that our role in helping the NPC (non-player character), and making contribution to the area. It is an immersive experience for the player.

The quest system is also a good way for us to work together as a team. After we get level 15, we can take part in the dungeons quest. Dungeons quest is the best way for us to level up, make money and get higher-level gear. Dungeons quest is also more interesting than normal quest because of the human factor. Moreover, Collaboration is the name of the dungeons quest here. The dungeons require teamwork and learning to play your class more than normal quest. Last Friday, we have do dungeons in class. We died many times while doing the dungeons, our healer didn’t heal us in good time; the hunter always pull more monsters. Of course we totally messed up the dungeons quest. Although a mistake resulting from a distraction may result in a loss, it is just part of the learning process. We can’t make things succeed, unless we have the teamwork.

As the Bushnell’s Law say, All the best games are easy to learn and difficult to master. World of Warcraft is definitely design as this way, the normal quest is easy for us to learn the game, the dungeon quest is the so difficult to master. However that is exactly the fun place of game.

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2 Responses to Quest System

  1. ttakoushian says:

    I find the points you make on the quest system in this analysis intriguing. I was initially beyond frustrated getting small doses of experience points from doing quests, especially when they were simply killing something over and over, or even worse – running to all corners of an area to report to other characters. But the purpose of the quests, like you said, are to make the player more familiar to the actual “world” in Warcraft. I believe that you were in my dungeon group in class on Friday – based off the situation you described. It was beyond frustrating to constantly die because of the healer, but I found it kind of beautiful that we were able to kick out the original healer we were placed with through a vote. It shows how the game uses context of our real world and is similar to how we might function in a real society.


    • pjm92 says:

      I was originally frustrated as well with a quest that would make you travel to the end of the map just for lil 150 exp. I soon began to realize that these are the quests that would start a “Quest Chain”, so to speak. By this i mean that after doing this epic quest for minimal exp, it would open the door for many other quests ranging from around 900-1600 exp.


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