For the Apple Users

Is anyone else having issues with playing? I have been trying to sign in to Battlenet for 3 days now and I cant get WoW to work.  I recently updated my OS X system on my mac and apparently Java now doesn’t work which might be the issue?  If anyone knows how to help, let me know!

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3 Responses to For the Apple Users

  1. jmc211 says:

    It’s a bit of a stretch, but this thread is a college student with the same problem:
    And their solution was:

    “I figured out what was wrong. I live in college housing and the housing wireless network offers a secure wifi and a nonsecure wifi. After I upgraded to Yosemite, my computer was connected to the nonsecure wifi and then I couldn’t connect to in the launcher or game. After I noticed this I changed it back to the secure wifi and now I can connect!”


  2. mjp99 says:

    Have you opened ports on your wifi router? If you’re in dorms, you wont have permissions, but I couldn’t even begin the game download at first because the combination of Comcast/Wifi protocol prevented it somehow until I messed with my router settings.

    Blizzard has ‘some’ technical support on this, which I used, and requires some knowledge playing with router ports… but not impossible if you can remember the admin password for your router.

    It could also be associated with the OSX update but usually I’ve found WoW is on top of the OS updates and is actually more difficult to play with the older editions, forcing you to update your software.

    If this doesn’t get you anywhere you can always start a thread on the support forums; usually someone has experienced the problem before though and with some diligent internet searching a remedy can be located.


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