Game aesthetics vs. Chinese censorship

I was looking up some WoW-related stuff earlier today and I stumbled across this. The gist of the article is that bones and skeletons in WoW are censored in the Chinese version of the game.

After a bit more digging, I found this article, which brings up the possibility that the Chinese WoW producers censored skeletons and blood out of the game themselves in order to get it approved by the government faster.

The second article postulates that the ban on skeleton imagery could be because skeletons promote superstition, which is against the law because it violates China’s policy on religion. It would be interesting to speculate on how this ban relates to WoW’s supernatural take on the concept of death in general. Characters decompose into bones minutes after death, which is illogical in the real world for a number of reasons. There are also  sentient, mobile skeletons in the gamespace of WoW, which definitely fall under the category of superstitious.

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One Response to Game aesthetics vs. Chinese censorship

  1. exelsisxax says:

    The same thing happened when LoL became available in China, where a lot of skins needed to be completely redone before the censorship maze let the game launch. We did get a few redone skins over here for it, though.


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