Hey, this is probably gonna be strange in the midst of all these WoW posts, but I wanna tell you guys about this awesome post-apocalyptic game that a friend of a friend made a year or so ago: it’s called Symbiosis.
I think it’s absolutely perfect for analyzing, it has a lot of depth for such a short game (it probably took me less than two hours to play through it). On the surface, it’s a post-apocalyptic game with an environmentalist view.
The author puts it best: “In it you take the role of Guinevere, a well-armed and resolved survivor with a vital objective in mind. Her partner is a small fern she keeps in a backpack – the two of them rely on each other for survival, recycling each others’ breaths to create a clean supply of air despite the polluted air around them. As you progress through the game’s world, the story will piece itself together. Remnants such as newspapers, journal entries, signs, billboards, and graffiti will reveal much about how the world arrived at the state it’s in.”
I’d really recommend it, in addition to making you think, it’s just really entertaining.
The robots are my favorite
The download link is here, and the game’s creator actually wrote a description of the main theme in the game here.
[all credit goes to tumblr user piezeth]

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One Response to Symbiosis

  1. Steph Roman says:

    This sounds super cool actually, thanks for sharing. I’ll take a look at it when I have a little more time on my hands!


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