Can WoW Land You a Job?

Very interesting article in relation to the Rettberg piece in A Wow Reader and Galloway’s essay “Warcraft and Utopia.”

In the “Leisure/Volunteer Activities” section of her résumé, Ms. Newman noted that she has managed guilds of as many as 500 people and organized large-scale raids of 25 to 40 players to complete tasks for several hours four to five days a week. These tasks, she said, “directly apply to the kind of job I hold.”

World of Warcraft is essentially a virtual reality capitalist fantasy.  Much like how flight attendants and astronauts use simulation programs to prepare themselves for their careers, Warcraft provides players with first hand experience in complex management and organization fit for a leadership position.  This idea might seem much less absurd to us in the future as the idea of the ‘gamer’ continues to lose meaning.  Do you guys think any other video games could be used as examples of experience for job applications?

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One Response to Can WoW Land You a Job?

  1. Steph Roman says:

    I actually think that it’s super smart to put that on a resume, that kind of organization and authority takes some serious skill to acquire. Good for that lady.

    On a different note though, if I were a professional gamer that’s something I’d put on a resume as well (thinking Dota or League of Legends). If nothing else, it proves dedication, conviction, and hard work, though how likely you are to get a job is questionable. Similarly, I know that artists, cosplayers, and craftsmen put their videogame-themed works on resumes, because that takes passion and deftness as well. (And while my gaming “skills” aren’t on my own resume, I have worked on a game and the writing I’ve done on games IS on it. There are some divergent alternatives to having gaming abilities and making something out of them.)

    However, I’m not sure putting “I played Dear Esther” on a resume would be all that compelling.


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