8-Bit Philosophy: In Which Jacques Derrida Puts Things Under Erasure (by Punching Them)

This delightful video from 8-Bit Philosophy just came across my news feed and I thought I would share it. It is a surprisingly cogent explanation (if oversimplification) of Jacques Derrida’s thinking, which is often called “deconstruction.” There are many other videos on other philosophers.


About Bradley J. Fest

Bradley J. Fest is assistant professor of English at Hartwick College. He is the author of two books of poetry, The Rocking Chair (Blue Sketch, 2015) and The Shape of Things (Salò, 2017), and has published a number of essays on contemporary literature and culture. He blogs at The Hyperarchival Parallax.
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4 Responses to 8-Bit Philosophy: In Which Jacques Derrida Puts Things Under Erasure (by Punching Them)

  1. Steph Roman says:

    This is pure gold. I think there should be a remake of Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!!, only titled Jacques Derrida’s Punch Out!!


  2. devilzadv0k8 says:

    This makes me think of all the time I’ve wasted debating things with people only to find that we had different senses of the concepts/words we were using in the debate. This has crazy implications for communication.


  3. devilzadv0k8 says:

    Also, I’m curious how you think this applies to the course. Is this just interesting, or does it speak to something we’ve covered in class?


  4. It’s more just something I found interesting. I’m a sucker for anything made “8-Bit,” especially late-twentieth century philosophy. (Though Derrida certainly has many things to say re: narrative and technology. . . .)


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