Gone Home Link Dump

I’ve compiled a short list of resources to use when writing about Gone Home. If this gets enough attention I can amass similar posts for Dear Esther and The Stanley Parable. Please feel free to add more links in the comments if you’ve found an article that may help your classmates.

Jason Johnson,“Gone Home’s Steve Gaynor on How the Internet Ruined Adventure Games and Reliving the 90s”

Nilson Thomas Carroll, “The Problem With Gone Home”

Ian Bogost, “Perpetual Adolescence: The Fullbright Company’s Gone Home”

Austin Walker, “The Transgression: You Can Do Better”

Paul Tassi, “What Gone Home Could Do Better”

Cara Ellison, “S.EXE: Gone Home”


About Steph Roman

2015 University of Pittsburgh grad with majors in nonfiction writing and English literature. Formerly of the Pitt News and PublicSource. I like games and nerd culture in general.
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2 Responses to Gone Home Link Dump

  1. jmc211 says:

    Thanks Steph. I would definitely be interested in a similar post for Dear Esther, and will share any I find.


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