“Wander,” The First Non-Combat MMO

The trailer for this game literally just released and I knew it must be shared.


Wander will be an MMO experience on PS4 and PC that “focuse[s] on story rather than violence.” You play as a tree, a griffin, and a sea creature, and rather than fight through the world, you solve clues and proceed through the story that way (sounds a little familiar, doesn’t it?).

One thing we haven’t discussed in class and that I would like to open up here is the non-combativeness of the indie games we’re playing. We’ve really interestingly discussed how they do cool and exciting things because they are games, but we have only touched briefly on the aspects that make them “non-gamey.” They all belong in the FPS (first-person shooter) genre, but none of them actually involve shooting. They’re evidence that games and the FPS genre are maturing past these standards/ tropes/ cliches of game design, but never would I expect to see this in an MMO, because a large part of MMOs is their competitiveness.

Needless to say, I think this game (assuming it actually releases in a timely manner) will revolutionize the MMO genre. I will definitely be picking this up.

EDIT: The game’s official PlayStation release. Turns out it’s the work of a lone Australian dude who traveled the world. Go figure.


About Steph Roman

2015 University of Pittsburgh grad with majors in nonfiction writing and English literature. Formerly of the Pitt News and PublicSource. I like games and nerd culture in general.
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4 Responses to “Wander,” The First Non-Combat MMO

  1. danwillisdan says:

    I love that this game appears to be limiting its scope so much! As opposed to engaging with all of Western mythology and supernatural literature through massive reduction, it just focuses on talking trees, griffins and eels. I also love that it’s coming to the PS4! It’s a very indie concept but it appears to be executed in a very AAA fashion.


    • Steph Roman says:

      I had to pause on this because I realized IGN’s article didn’t even mention the developer. Turns out it is independent, by a small team of Australians. I’ve edited the post to include the official press release. This, of course, makes the graphics even more impressive, because they probably only had a few people dedicated to them.


  2. exelsisxax says:

    I’m not seeing any MMO here. It looks a bit like no man’s sky – calling it an MMO doesn’t make sense. Not from the trailer at least. If you can’t interact significantly with other players, it itsn’t really multiplayer, it’s just a single player game where humans control some of the NPCs, if even that.


  3. This looks pretty interesting. Thanks for this Steph.


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