Real-life Dear Esther Caves

Just stumbled across this on the internet:

This isn’t Dear Esther, it’s a real place. The Waitomo Glowworm Caves in New Zealand are full of colorful, biolescent organisms that can produce effects like this in the dark. Cool, huh?

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One Response to Real-life Dear Esther Caves

  1. jmc211 says:

    I’ve been in a glowworm cave somewhere in Virginia, and highly suggest taking a tour of one if you get a chance. At one point they turned off all the lights and it was incredible.

    Another real-life comparison to Dear Esther is on the Wiki for anyone that hasn’t seen. The location where the crash is described to occur matches up with the southbound junction 19 of the M5 motorway of the UK. Here is a picture of that spot

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