It’s Here!

The future is now! Or at least it’s soon. The future is currently in the works, but I hear they’ve made some wonderful progress. The world of the future will be so grand; there shall be no want, no work, no boredom; the future world is nearly now!

Of course, many reading this are undoubtedly wondering what this future world will be like. Will it put the dear reader out of a job? Will the dear reader be able to get those little cream-filled sponge cakes that fell out of fashion a few years ago? The answer to those questions and more will be revealed later, I’m sure.

But on to the future, which, I am told, is truly on its way here. I found it. Well not really, but I saw someone almost find it once. He got so very close, but god, I missed the seeing the future by mere moments. Once he arrived there he was already in the future, which was, at the time, the present.

Stanley was looking for future. Well that’s not true. Stanley wasn’t doing much of anything. He was wandering about in the world I’d made for him to ruin, and it wasn’t even him doing the wandering. There was someone else there as Stanley but not Stanley, trying to find the future. Kudos to the other man, he got very close. But every time he arrived near the future, he found himself at the present. The other man, feeling so clever looking in all the wrong places. He was looking for the future through doors and platforms and elevators and screens. All the while Stanley could see the future but do nothing about it.

Stanley wasn’t there. He was, but he wasn’t. At least, that is what he thought while the other man was sure Stanley was him. The other man was positive he was Stanley and Stanley was there, but Stanley was there and not there. And Stanley truly wasn’t there, until the other man thought Stanley was there and Stanley was there.

That is why the future isn’t here. The other man can only see what he makes Stanley see. To see the future, the other man must see what Stanley sees. And what, the dear reader must be wondering, does Stanley see?

Stanley see’s everything and nothing. As the other man walks through a door, Stanley walks through every door. Oh the poor man, he must wonder with every turn, if he has made the right choice. Stanley does not make choices. He overcomes choices like an anaconda overcomes an alligator; devouring it all at once. Stanley sees the future because he is everywhere at once, waiting for the man to see him. If unseen, Stanley is everywhere and able to see every outcome of every choice.

But I can’t and the other man can’t. At every instance we see Stanley cross a threshold into the unknown we are overcome by logic. But it need not be that way. Soon, very soon if I am to believe what they say, I will be able to see the future. I will be able to experience everything at once, see all events achieved at once, know every ending at once. I’m just not quite sure what that will look like. All the future needs is a window to stochasticity, a machine that can show yes and no at the same time, a program that translates possibilities and so on.

The thought occurs to me though…if we will see what Stanley can see, does that just make me Stanley? Am I then only real if it is decided I am? By whom? Oh god! If the future is seen and I can experience it all, who, if anyone, is dictates what is seen to be experienced? Then am I just an event, witnessed to exist? I’m regretting this whole foray into finding the future. I wrote the damn story, I should be able to make the future.

Its the other man’s fault. I make choices, but I am told by a text what those choices are in the first place. It’s the other man, who doesn’t know his choices and their results, that mucks up the whole system. I’m sure Stanley and I would operate just fine without the other man. We don’t need him, we know our future; every ending, every choice was written down ages ago. So bollocks to the other man.

Other man, gamer, player, nerd. I’m ignoring the dear readers and talking to you specifically. I know the future. Stanley knows the future. At this point in our inquiry to events and their outcomes, we are settled with the knowledge that it is all written beforehand and does not require your action to move forward. So I would kindly request that you turn off what ever console allows you to bung up what is working so well for us and-

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2 Responses to It’s Here!

  1. larsondanger says:

    Interesting, taking on the voice of the narrator. Am I correct in assuming that you did all of this to question the existence of choice and free will in the game? It seems to me that this game is trying to say, overall, that free will does not exist. Is that what you are getting at here? That based on Stanley’s/the narrator’s/the player’s experience of and interaction with the future that free will does not exist? Just a few questions, I really liked the style you used here.


  2. mjp99 says:

    Really creative and thought provoking to take up the narrator’s voice (and Stanley’s), and identify how he is merely a tool, despite seeing the future and all the endings, for meaning to be created for individual, “dear readers.”


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