Hey guys I found this amazing game that does a great job of of referencing other games in an interesting way. The game is called evoland and it starts out as a top down 2D black and white game with no music. As you open different chests new game mechanics are unlocked and you find yourself progressing through the history of game creation. The game allows you to unlock new textures, music, faster loading times, and many other things video games have improved upon with better technology. The combat bounces back and forth between styles from legend of zelda and final fantasy to name a few. This game does a fantastic job of imparting a sense of how video games evolved from incredibly simplistic mechanics to more complicated one. I would highly recommend playing it.

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2 Responses to Evoland

  1. jmc211 says:

    That’s interesting. Do you know if the game maintains a narrative, or is it just finding the chests to progress through the history of video games?


  2. It does have its own narrative but even that is fairly intentionally standard


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