Apple has become invasive

Hey guys, I was browsing my reddit and found this really cool short article about how Apple has admitted to removing songs from people iTunes without letting anyone know. I felt like it related perfectly to our old discussions on the Circle and how they would constantly insert themselves in peoples lives almost in a unknown way. I also found another short article written as well so it is attached below along with the original article.
Apple will be facing a lot of heat for this but nonetheless it was really cool and interesting to see that Apple has done this. Enjoy!

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One Response to Apple has become invasive

  1. ttakoushian says:

    Wow, this is crazy. I’m actually surprised they admitted to it. This quote from Augustin Farrugia they used though makes me think right back to The Circle: “Apple security director Augustin Farrugia said that Apple didn’t want to explain things in more detail as the company doesn’t “need to give users too much information.” “We don’t want to confuse users,” he said.” That’s so belittling and makes me enraged. I should be able to access all the information about a product or system if I’m paying for it.


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