Psychology behind the texts, likes, follows and comments

So while I was studying for my Drugs an Behavior final, I was searching the internet for facts about dopamine to help me understand the science behind it.. not my forte as an English major.  However, I stumbled across this, which I think I’ve read before when these types of studies were coming out.

The article, from Psychology Today, discusses why people are so wired to their phones, computers and technology all the time. As a 21 year old, I find myself constantly trying to defend myself to older people who automatically judge me for having a smart phone or saying I have a Twitter.  They incorrectly assume that means I can’t pay attention or hold a real conversation.

This article is interesting because it shows the actual brain functioning levels that create that “yay” feeling when you get feedback on social media or a text from a friend. It couldn’t help but to remind me of The Circle so I’d thought I’d pass it along.

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