A Farewell to N&T

Over the course of the semester, I’ve learned in this class more than any other, or at least, more than I expected. When I first selected this class, it was late on the Thursday before the add/drop date, as I needed credit. I wasn’t sure what I could possibly have expected, but this class has allowed me to explore the depths of both narrative and technology and their correlation, more than I have ever learned anywhere.

Looking back, watching Gamer, reading The Circle, playing World of Warcraft and the three other games, it was certainly the strangest class I’ve ever taken, but it was learning through experiencing that made the class worth taking. In my own field, narrative is nonexistent, and the role of technology is treated as a given. This class has helped remind me how and why we use technology, and how technology can be used to tell enriching narratives.

I’m unsubscribed from WoW, I’ve put down The Circle and Gamer, and I’ve pretty much had to concentrate on my other requirements, so I can’t follow this through classes anymore. But I have certainly appreciated this class. It is a rare one that taught me a lot, and that will stick with me.

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One Response to A Farewell to N&T

  1. Thanks for the parting comments Rob. It was a class I thoroughly enjoyed teaching.


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