WoW Jams ’14 – A Guild|Group|Class Mixtape

Hey, everybody!

I know I’m not the only person who is going to miss this class, so I compiled a playlist of songs that we listened to individually while playing World of Warcraft. I figure that now we can listen to them all together. I used “Everyone’s Mixtape” to make it, so the best part of this is that if I couldn’t find you online to get a song from you, you can search for a song with the feature on the site and add it to the playlist. You can also drag and drop the songs to change the order. For people who listened to the game sounds and not music, I included clips of WoW ambient music and sounds.

The following people (listed as their WoW monikers) contributed a song to the playlist, and are mentioned in no particular order:

Lampyridine, Strikeface, Commie, Maxgravity, Kirema, Theterribles, Sovietrussia, Narrandtech, Amonkira, Shogunsteph, Tomhaverford, Imann, Caulkmaster, Rydar, Niibog, Stillonton, and Jkagg.

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