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Riot Grrrls!

Women characters have long been underrepresented in mainstream games; many games are heavily misogynistic. AAA game studios, armed with the ability to create literally anything, continue to put out games with the same protagonist: dark haired, scruffy, heterosexual white male. When … Continue reading

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Just wanted to toss this here…

(Blog post to follow. I have a direction for it already, but this picture makes me what to talk about an entirely different aspect of the game.)

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The Implications of (Diverse) Participatory Surveillance on the MMORPG Universe

Reference Article — “Does World of Warcraft Change Everything? How a PvP Server, Multinational Playerbase, and Survellance Mod Scene Caused Me Pause” The article begins with a cautionary note not to focus too narrowly (the likes of which are found … Continue reading

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A Hacker’s Utopia — The Circle as the Ultimate Standardized Protocol?

Galloway notes that the very nature of resistance has changed as a result of the protocological era. The enormous and far reaching success of technology—the totality of protocol standardization and strategic goal of openness—turn it into a force the Galloway … Continue reading

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The Cyborg Alternative

Donna Haraway explains in “A Manifesto for Cyborgs” the concept of a homework economy, which revolves around the premise that “new” technology holds the potential to (or already does) negatively affect us all—especially women, and even more so women of … Continue reading

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