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First Person Viewpoint in “Gone Home”

In the narrative based video games we have played in class, all use the “first-person shooter” perspective. While this perspective is used in action driven games like “Call of Duty” to incorporate the gamer into the game’s world, these narrative … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Death in Warcraft

I was hoping that we would discuss the Klastrup essay in class today not necessarily because it was an unbelievably engaging text, but just because I really felt like venting about how often I die in World of Warcraft. While … Continue reading

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Press C for A Better You

The action bar at the bottom of the screen is the gamer’s best friend. It makes spells and attacks accessible with the press of a button. While the gamer is mid-battle and deeply focused on the task at hand, he … Continue reading

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YouthRank Is Terrifying

“Humans are the measure of all things. ‘More important for our purposes,” Mae said, opening the door, ‘is that now, with the tools available, humans can measure all things.’”                     p. 338 YouthRank was the project … Continue reading

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Colbert Gunning For Mae’s PartiRank Score

Our conversation about gamification today and Mae’s newfound obsession with trying to improve her PartiRank score made me think about this Colbert Report segment I saw a couple of days ago. There is actually an app that tracks how often … Continue reading

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Kable as Standing-Reserve

In Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor’s film The Gamer, we see a fitting visual representation of Martin Heidegger’s fears in The Question Concerning Technology regarding the essence of technology. The protagonist Kable sees his humanity demoted to what Heidegger describes as “standing … Continue reading

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