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Mentally Interacting with Dear Esther

In Dear Esther the player walks through the landscape of an abandoned island, triggering monologue from the narrator. Who the player is in control of is never addressed, but the story seems to follow in the footsteps of a path … Continue reading

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Dear Esther Soundtrack

One of my favorite things about Dear Esther is the soundtrack, and I was happy to find it readily available. Here is the first of a YouTube playlist for anyone else that wants to listen: It is also on Spotify.

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Collaboration over Narrative in WoW

World of Warcraft is a game with two conflicting areas of play. One aspect of the game places a heavy emphasis on the vastness of the landscape. The world in which it takes place is massive; far too large to be … Continue reading

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Blog Post #2: Trading Surveillance for Service

“I helped them cover some of the cameras… They don’t want to be smiled upon, or frowned upon, or zinged. They want to be alone. And not watched. Surveillance shouldn’t be the tradeoff for any goddamn service we get.” (p. 370) This excerpt … Continue reading

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Consequences of Acting Through Others

An hour into the film Gamer, John “Kable” Tillman enters a rave within the Society’s game while attempting to free his wife Angie. Shots are fired at Kable, which end up killing several people at the rave. In the real … Continue reading

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Has the ‘digital age’ affected your reading?

This is a topic that I’ve come across, and is one I can relate to. I wanted to see if anyone else has had a similar experience, and if you think it is a problem. The internet encourages skimming through text, … Continue reading

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