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Free Will

The Stanley Parable is a game commenting on free will and the illusion of choice, among many other aspects of game design and culture. We are Stanley, and both in game and out, we sit at our metaphorical desks pressing … Continue reading

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Gone Home on Sale Today

Not that it’s much help at this point, but for anybody who hasn’t bought the game yet, it’s $4.99 on steam today and tomorrow.

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Massive Halloween Steam Sale

For anyone who likes cheap horror games, Steam is having a Halloween sale, with a ton of awesome games getting huge price cuts. Check it out!

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The Deviant Trade Chat

The World of Warcraft trade chat is, ideally, a chat specifically dedicated to the exchange of virtual goods and services. However, it is most often not used for this purpose. In an (extremely scientific) experiment, I went through the chat … Continue reading

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[SPOILERS] Identity, or Lack Thereof, in the Circle (Blog 2)

“But then again, it wasn’t entirely accurate, so was that the problem? Having a matrix of preferences presented as your essence, as the whole you? Maybe that was it. It was some kind of mirror, but it was incomplete, distorted. … Continue reading

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The Enframed Cyborg

Ken Castle is the perfect example of a merger between a Harroway cyborg and Heidegger’s standing reserve. This is because the act of enframing as standing reserve and the concept of the cyborg are two intertwined ideas. In class, we … Continue reading

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