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Blog Post #4

Gone Home is a game whose effectiveness comes from shutting down all of the expectations that it builds up. Before certain details in the game are revealed behind initially locked doors, the house paints a grim picture. On the narrative … Continue reading

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Hey, this is probably gonna be strange in the midst of all these WoW posts, but I wanna tell you guys about this awesome post-apocalyptic game that a friend of a friend made a year or so ago: it’s called … Continue reading

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Communication Through Body Language: Blog Post #3

When I started whining to my friends about how bad I was going to be at WoW, my principal complaint was that I had no idea how to play and chat at the same time. I was sure I was … Continue reading

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The Public Has Voted: Pluto is a Planet!

In light of our conversation on Wednesday about whether the general public should be able to vote on decisions, I thought this was an interesting debate to bring up. Apparently, there was recently a debate at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for … Continue reading

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Blog Post #2: We Are Our Vices

“The first time the camera redirected her actions was when she went to the kitchen for something to eat. The image on her wrist showed the interior of the refrigerator as she scanned for a snack. Normally, she would have … Continue reading

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The Circle: Equal Representation?

It was mentioned in class that Eggers intentionally creates a diverse world, in which all genders and races are represented. So I was just wondering, why didn’t he include LGBT+ characters? Eamon Bailey is said to have a wife, Mae … Continue reading

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But where danger is, grows the saving power also.

In The Question Concerning Technology, one of the least detailed points that Heidegger covered was that while technology is dangerously used to enframe, it also has the power to “save.” He interpreted Hölderlin’s quote to mean that enframing is destined to, at some … Continue reading

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