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The Stanley Parable Mocks Death

The Stanley Parable is a game that mocks games. It uses the relationship between the narrator, the player, the character and the ending to comment on other video games. The “wife ending” is one that seems especially meaningful and reflective. … Continue reading

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Add-ons as a system for creativity and advancement of technology

Third party programs such as Curse Client offer users the ability to modify their World of Warcraft client in various ways (UI changes, data feedback, built in tips, etc.) that will give them advantage in gameplay. In some games this … Continue reading

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Is self-presentation always good?

Mae tried to explain what she meant to say, how she though, or some department of her brain though, that she would turn the phrase around a bit.. But it didn’t matter. He was laughing now, and he knew she … Continue reading

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Life 2.0 and Gamer, a comparison

The specific moment in Gamer that I want to turn our attention to is when Kable enters Society and sees Angie, who is at the time being controlled by a sweaty morbidly obese man. The form at this point in … Continue reading

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