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Google Reminding People to Vote

I came across this around a month ago and never got around to posting it on here, but it eerily reminded me of The Circle although its only for PA voters. Advertisements

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Blog Post 4: The Museum Ending’s Meaning of Death

In The Stanley Parable, the ending that the player receives from following the hallway that is marked “escape” right before they enter the Mind Control Facility, has a rather peculiar focus on death. As soon as you begin walking down … Continue reading

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The Importance of References and Thoughts on WoW’s True Narrative (Blog Post 3)

Reference: A certain quest in the Krasarang Wilds (part of the Mysts of Pandaria expansion) has you escort a group of pandas that are ambushed by a rain of arrows. The surviving panda asks you to help him up because … Continue reading

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Loss of Life (Blog Post 2)

“You sit at a desk twelve hours a day and you have nothing to show for it except some numbers that won’t exist or be remembered in a week. You’re leaving no evidence you lived. There’s no proof.”  Page 262. … Continue reading

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Hopefully Humankind Doesn’t End Up This Way…

Throughout Neveldine and Taylor’s film Gamer it is obvious to see that technology has advanced so much that it not only is a constant part of daily life, but it is people’s lives. The “game” society first showed the life-consuming … Continue reading

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