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2015 University of Pittsburgh grad with majors in nonfiction writing and English literature. Formerly of the Pitt News and PublicSource. I like games and nerd culture in general.

Gone Home Link Dump

I’ve compiled a short list of resources to use when writing about Gone Home. If this gets enough attention I can amass similar posts for Dear Esther and The Stanley Parable. Please feel free to add more links in the … Continue reading

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“Wander,” The First Non-Combat MMO

The trailer for this game literally just released and I knew it must be shared. Wander will be an MMO experience on PS4 and PC that “focuse[s] on story rather than violence.” You play as a tree, a griffin, … Continue reading

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World of Warcraft Documentary: “Looking for Group”

Apparently Blizzard’s been assembling a documentary on the game, which they’ll debut this Saturday (8th) at this year’s BlizzCon. The trailer isn’t particularly specific on what it’s about, but it looks like it involves interviews with the creators, developers, and … Continue reading

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Anita Sarkeesian on Colbert Report

Hey everyone, in precision timing in light of yesterday’s lecture, Sarkeesian appeared on last night’s episode of the Colbert Report, where he dishes out a summary of #GamerGate and the hostility directed at women. Of course, the interview’s exacted in … Continue reading

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World of Warcraft Options

I did some quick research after questions about the “Battle Chest” version of World of Warcraft arose. Option 1: The download link on the syllabus works and is the correct version of the game. Since writing the syllabus, the name … Continue reading

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Friendly Reminder

If anybody’s left in a state of confusion, crisis, or peripeteia regarding the readings from last week, I’m reminding you that this blog is an excellent source to raise questions or indulge in inquiries class wasn’t able to cover. Both … Continue reading

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