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The Inevitability of Dear Esther

There is a constant repetition of falling in Dear Esther, an action that becomes more pointed as the plot progresses. Initially, you start off walking up the mountain, generally keeping an upward momentum though you may sometimes find yourself falling … Continue reading

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Death and Liberty

Games inherently have an interesting way of dealing with death since, by its finality, it is largely anathema to good gameplay. Very few games require permanent death, the first coming to mind being the original X-Box game Steel Battalion (2002). … Continue reading

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The Secrets of Transparency

“So we’ve explored the damage of secrets within the family and between friends, and the role of secrecy in persecuting large classes of people. Let’s keep on our quest to find a use for a policy of secrecy. Should we … Continue reading

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Massively Multiplayer Standing Reserves

The primary thing from our readings that stands out to me throughout Gamer is how completely submerged the populous is to what Heidegger calls the standing reserve. You can see this throughout the movie, not just in the Slayer/Society scenes, … Continue reading

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Article on the Cyborg Manifesto

After reading Haraway’s Cyborg Manifesto, I found myself doing some additional research on it to try and place it in time. One of the more interesting articles I found on the subject can be found here. Particularly interesting to me … Continue reading

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