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Sam’s Locker

A big part of Gone Home that really intrigued me was the fact that every room and wing in Gone Home represented a different character, and each helped uncover facts about a character simply from being where they spend their time. Sam’s … Continue reading

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Voting on smartphones

Last week, in the midst of elections, I saw an interesting article on Gizmodo that immediately reminded me of Dave Eggers’s The Circle. The site argues for and against voting on your phone, just as the Wise Men of the Circle were … Continue reading

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Blizzard puts up massive World of Warcraft display in Times Square

I saw the above picture as the top post on Reddit this morning. It’s an enormous axe destroying a New York City cab in the middle of Times Square. The purpose of the display is to hype Thursday’s launch of the Warlords … Continue reading

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Is deviance bad?

In “Humans Playing World of Warcraft: or Deviant Strategies?” Torill Elvira Mortensen explores the concept of deviating from the norms and rules of World of Warcraft. To Mortensen deviance is considered to be anything that does not comply with the … Continue reading

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A structured enemy to the Circle

“But with every passing mile, as she drove home, she felt better. Better with every mile between her and that fat fuck. The fact that she’d ever slept with him made her physically sick. Had she been possessed by some … Continue reading

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A Gamer Manifesto

I thought an interesting moment in Gamer was towards the end, when Castle revealed that his ultimate goal is for his nanites to control all of humanity by having the ability to send commands to whomever he feels like controlling, … Continue reading

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