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The Message The Stanley Parable Tries to Send

When playing The Stanley Parable, it is obvious that the game is unique in having different endings with decision making and being able to have a different ending based on what you decide to do. I think this game takes … Continue reading

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Mods and User Interface in WoW (blog option 1)

In The Complex Status of Emergent Culture found on page 188 of Digital Culture, Play, and Identity, the usage of user interface and how it can be used to make the game more enjoyable and not the stereotype of cheating … Continue reading

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Mae and Annie’s friendship issues

“Mae was sobbing, and cursing Annie, cursing every blond inch of her, her smug sense of entitlement. So what that she’d been at the Circle longer. They were peers now, but Annie couldn’t accept it. Mae would have to make … Continue reading

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The possibility of Gamer in the real world

During Gamer, there were about three times when the player who had control of Kable’s wife was shown participating in Society. This individual is very obese and doesn’t seem to care about his own physical appearance whatsoever, and only cares … Continue reading

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