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Becoming Esther

Dear Esther is an intriguing, unique gameplay experience.  It deprives you of the things you take for granted as standard aspects of videogames – you are unable to jump, run, interact with objects, or really perform any action aside from … Continue reading

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Cataclysm: The Fall of Gilneas

When we first began playing World of Warcraft, I researched classes before designing my character and I quickly decided I would be a druid because of their multiple talents. Sadly, humans don’t have the option of being druids. However, when … Continue reading

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Embracing the Panopticon

“The tear was opening up inside her, a blackness overtaking her. She closed her eyes and heard underwater screams. Mae cursed the not-knowing, and knew she needed someone who could be known. Who could be located.”  Eggers, Dave. The Circle. New … Continue reading

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Is it Really All That Different?

In Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor’s 2009 film Gamer, the game “Society” is much like a sensationalized, ultra-sleazy and barbaric version of modern-day Second Life – the key difference being that avatars are real people who have consented to being … Continue reading

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