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Bad Faith in The Stanley Parable

This blog post roughly outlines some of the ideas I have floating around for the final paper for this class. Some of these ideas are not as developed as I would like them to be in the future. Apologies for … Continue reading

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Ian Bogost Interview in DIS Magazine

Ian Bogost was just interviewed for a feature in DIS Magazine, a great site that started off as a music  and fashion blog but has expanded its reach to a variety of 21st century issues such as digital media and ecology. … Continue reading

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Can WoW Land You a Job?

Very interesting article in relation to the Rettberg piece in A Wow Reader and Galloway’s essay “Warcraft and Utopia.” In the “Leisure/Volunteer Activities” section of her résumé, Ms. Newman noted that she has managed guilds of as many as 500 … Continue reading

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The Cold Facts Behind Fantasy Role-Play

Azeroth: a dream-like planet of epic proportions, where storytale creatures of all shapes and sizes wage massive battles amidst beautiful scenery in a rich, folklore-inspired narrative. The backdrop of the World of Warcraft series is clearly indebted to works of … Continue reading

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Film Suggestion: We Live in Public

If we ever decide to host a Narrative and Technology movie night, I think the film “We Live in Public” would be an excellent choice.  I watched this years ago on Netflix and only remembered its existence today during our … Continue reading

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The Personal is Unpolitical: Paper and Purpose in The Circle

The passage I chose to focus on occurs at the bottom of Page 187 and continues into the top of 188.  Mae’s boss Dan just finished holding a meeting with her about her recent lack of participation in The Circle’s … Continue reading

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Soundtracks to The Circle: PC Music and Panopticon Pop

I was originally going to write this as a reply to Professor Fest’s post Soundtrack to Protocol, but felt like it warranted its own comment here.  In response to Fest’s post, user elexiusmusick wondered aloud about music that would fit in … Continue reading

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