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Survivor’s Guilt in Dear Esther

My interpretation of Dear Esther is that the narrator is overwhelmed by his guilt from the fateful car crash that took the life of his wife, Esther. The letters that he writes to Esther show how he has been constantly … Continue reading

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New Blizzard Franchise!

Blizzard announced their new franchise Overwatch at BlizzCon. It’s going to be a futuristic first person shooter. I’m personally really excited for this. The beta is going to be released some time next year. Trailer: Gameplay:

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Creating Community Through Chat

The ability to chat in World of Warcraft seems like a basic necessity. Without the ability to communicate with other players, the game world would be a lonely, dysfunctional place. But since there is a multi-level chat system, players can … Continue reading

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A Good Kind of Thinking

“She began to think a bit harder about the clothes she wore to work. She thought more about where she scratched, when she blew her nose or how. But it was a good kind of thinking, a good kind of … Continue reading

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Death row psychos, so what? They had it coming anyway.

One of the main points that Heidegger makes in The Question Concerning Technology is that there is great danger in enframing man, or treating man as a standing reserve. In the film Gamer, the enframing of man is everywhere. Ken … Continue reading

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