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Blind Faith: Dissecting Eggers on Technological Praise

In Dave Egger’s novel The Circle, the company of the Circle preaches to its customers and its employees of its complete human nature. Everything that goes on in the Circle has a origin from a human being’s hands, but as … Continue reading

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Forget The “What Ifs” Let’s Talk About Form ( A Revised Version)

Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor’s film, Gamer, is saturated with extreme depictions of violence and hypersexual individuals. Yet, there is more to the film than “T & A” and “what ifs”. The images of breast, blood, and attractive characters mixed … Continue reading

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Simon, Kable, and Donna Haraway’s Cyborg

In her essay “A Manifesto for Cyborgs,” Donna Haraway describes a cyborg as “a creature of social reality as well as a creature of fiction.” The film Gamer manages to portray both of these and puts them in stark contrast … Continue reading

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Self-serving at its finest: Gamer analyzing human nature

The premise of the science fiction movie Gamer delves into the world of the future, one that poses to address the corruptness that is fully realized when technology has given us opportunities to advance ourselves, either financially or by exertion … Continue reading

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What Makes Gamer So Appealing To Our Generation

In my opinion, Neveldine and Taylor’s film Gamer has an overwhelmingly solid connection to Donna Haraway’s “A Manifesto for Cyborgs.” Gamer is not only a strong representation of a post-human society and cyborgs, as Haraway’s essay is as well, but it also portrays a … Continue reading

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Gamer, not a game at all

A futuristic society completely controlled by media seems far-fetched but in Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor’s film Gamer it becomes very clear, through the “games” of “Society” and “Slayers,” a modern society can become subject to the possibilities of one … Continue reading

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