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The Transparent Shark

“The lobster had been consumed, and Mae saw something gruesome and wonderful: the lobster was being processed, inside the shark, in front of her, with lighting speed and incredible clarity. Mae saw the lobster broken into dozens, the hundreds of … Continue reading

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Luddites, Hackers and Dissent in The Circle

Note: This is my second required blog post “Dear Mae, Yes, you can and should read this on camera. I expect that you would, so I’m writing this letter not only to you, but to your ‘audience.’ Hello, audience… [T]his tool, … Continue reading

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Blog Post #2: We Are Our Vices

“The first time the camera redirected her actions was when she went to the kitchen for something to eat. The image on her wrist showed the interior of the refrigerator as she scanned for a snack. Normally, she would have … Continue reading

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One More for Protocol

Look at this level of surveillance.

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A Generic College Paper and More Soundtracks for Protocol (i.e., Digital Anthems for Control Societies)

So, I know in class I am constantly referring to “form.” I wonder what y’all think of the following w/r/t[1] form. It is excerpted from Jon Wu’s “A Generic College Paper,” published at McSweeney’s Internet Tendency.[2] Since the beginning of time, … Continue reading

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