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The Sense of an Ending in Serial Media

While World of Warcraft is an exemplary piece of media in terms of demonstrating the consistent peripeteia of late capitalism, I don’t believe that it’s the first or only piece of media to do so. Several forms of serial media, specifically television shows and … Continue reading

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Embracing the Panopticon

“The tear was opening up inside her, a blackness overtaking her. She closed her eyes and heard underwater screams. Mae cursed the not-knowing, and knew she needed someone who could be known. Who could be located.”  Eggers, Dave. The Circle. New … Continue reading

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Luddites, Hackers and Dissent in The Circle

Note: This is my second required blog post “Dear Mae, Yes, you can and should read this on camera. I expect that you would, so I’m writing this letter not only to you, but to your ‘audience.’ Hello, audience… [T]his tool, … Continue reading

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Has the ‘digital age’ affected your reading?

This is a topic that I’ve come across, and is one I can relate to. I wanted to see if anyone else has had a similar experience, and if you think it is a problem. The internet encourages skimming through text, … Continue reading

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