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The Enframed Cyborg

Ken Castle is the perfect example of a merger between a Harroway cyborg and Heidegger’s standing reserve. This is because the act of enframing as standing reserve and the concept of the cyborg are two intertwined ideas. In class, we … Continue reading

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What is it to be human?

What is it that makes us human? As ambiguous as that question is, and will always remain, it is a question that we must remind ourselves of, especially living in a society that is dominated by technological influence. Neveldine and … Continue reading

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Money and Power

Two of the most driving forces in the world are that of power and that of wealth. While often hand in hand, these assets impact the way people live their lives on a daily basis in order to obtain one, … Continue reading

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Haraway and Sexy Robots

If you are unfamiliar with the actual, current progress of robot technology, please check out this xkcd article. It’s a reasonably accurate representation of where technology is at when it comes to cyborgs. https://what-if.xkcd.com/5/ Naturally, one of the first and … Continue reading

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