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Dave Eggers, Unplugged

I just read a great article on The Wall Street Journal by Howie Kahn about Dave Eggers and the work that he is doing to improve education in our country. The interview goes in-depth about Eggers’ after school tutoring center, 826 Valencia which … Continue reading

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Fact or Science Fiction – Technology in The Circle

“TruYou—one account, one identity, one password, one payment system, per person. There were no more passwords, no multiple identities. Your devices knew who you were, and your one identity—the TruYou” (Eggers, 21). A large portion of the reason I found … Continue reading

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Embracing the Panopticon

“The tear was opening up inside her, a blackness overtaking her. She closed her eyes and heard underwater screams. Mae cursed the not-knowing, and knew she needed someone who could be known. Who could be located.”  Eggers, Dave. The Circle. New … Continue reading

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Is self-presentation always good?

Mae tried to explain what she meant to say, how she though, or some department of her brain though, that she would turn the phrase around a bit.. But it didn’t matter. He was laughing now, and he knew she … Continue reading

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Blog Post #2: Trading Surveillance for Service

“I helped them cover some of the cameras… They don’t want to be smiled upon, or frowned upon, or zinged. They want to be alone. And not watched. Surveillance shouldn’t be the tradeoff for any goddamn service we get.” (p. 370) This excerpt … Continue reading

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The Transparent Shark

“The lobster had been consumed, and Mae saw something gruesome and wonderful: the lobster was being processed, inside the shark, in front of her, with lighting speed and incredible clarity. Mae saw the lobster broken into dozens, the hundreds of … Continue reading

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All That Happens Must Be Known

“Folks, we’re at the dawn of the Second Enlightenment. And I’m not talking about a new building on campus. I’m talking about an era where we don’t allow the majority of human thought and action and achievement and learning to … Continue reading

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